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    Dear Zeppelinistas,
    I want to share a card from the SAF with you that more or less matches Alfred’s favourite. It does not come with a nice story about how I got it: it was simply won at an auction where I was the unwise person to pay the €10 more than the last person who was wiser than me. But now, having financially recovered, I am still quite pleased with it. The store about Lady Hay-Drummond has been told already by Alfred, so I leave that out. It seems that this card was typed on her reporter’s typewriter the same day that ‘Hayflower’ wrote the other card to herself, in handwriting, while crossing the Equator. Both cards I guess were bought at the Board Post Office. Alfred’s card has been left at the post office with two stamps and a real board cancel that same day. With mine, she waited a week, more or less when the LZ127 was over the Caribbean. One stgage later, so that saved her the 2RM. Therefore my card has only the 4RM on it. The compensation is that she carefully selected an example with the Blitz neben Adler error. Very unselfishly she sent this card to an acquaintance in London. Both cards have apparently been on top of another card that had just been given the purple Round Flight Cachet in Lakehurst (probably, one of our cards has been on top of the other). A nice detail here is that it has the signature of both the Lady and the Tramp (well, mr. von Wiegand, that is). I wonder whether she sent more cards on this trip. Looking for a photo of the Lady as well, I found this advertisement for lucky Strike cigarettes (Anhänge 3). Apparently, also in 1930 a lady did not feel too chique to make an extra buck, though I guess the old Lord Hay-Drummond Hay left her quite comfortable with a few £££, and her boss multimillionaire mr. William Randolph Hearst not only sponsored the Zeppelin, but must have paid star reporter couple Grace and Karl a decent salary as well. She should have thought of me, the future owner for some time of the card, and could have added a nice blue 2RM here as well. Or, better even, a pretty blue $2,60. But no, we prefer pieces with just the right tariffs.

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