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    Dear Alfred, Hallo Miteinand,

    Thank you for your again enlightening and entertaining response.

    As for the exercise on the Meister distribution: I know that mr. Schier is quite somewhat older even than I am at the moment, but I guess I will still postpone the search to that other life … other goals look more attractive to me at the moment. But who knows?

    Uruguay: your observation, again, saved me from making a wrong statement in my article in statu nascendi. Thank you for the nice pictures, they are wetting the appetite, helas …

    Mr. Egolf: on the one hand, this seems to be illustrating the ugliness of greed and exaggeration (king midas or his current instantiation trump ‘gold gold gold’ at work). I guess, however, that like most of us, I would eat the grapes anyway once I could jump as high as the mr. Egolfs of this world. Nevertheless, I would prefer your somewhat bruised Hawaii letter ten times above the completely sterile set of three with the blocks: no life in them whatsoever, while your letter carries history. No comparison for the ‘real’ collector as far as I am concerned … The origin/destination of your letter is incredible. It means that the stamps were for sale in Hawaii early May, and that the letter made it in time to Friedrichshafen on the 18th. In the official announcement of the Postmaster it says that they would be available in DC on 19th April, and on 21st April in the major post offices of the (then) 48 states. Hawaii is not mentioned there, nor is Alaska (and Puerto Rico). A gem indeed. And the collector was a lady. Or was it mr. Anderson himself? A picture of 3638 Kilauea Ave today is in the Anhänge 1.

    I wonder whether we could base some interesting socio-economic conclusions comparing the percentages of over-franked letters from the respective countries.

    In order to end with a new point: many a piece had been ordered from stamp dealers by collectors, still a current practice for e.g. FDC’s. This sometimes led to very weird combinations, I guess. The English postcard in Anhänge 2/3 has been organized by Liverpudian stamp dealer Davis (a regular with Zeppelin I think) for a collector in Basel (Schweiz), who lived around the corner from Friedrichshafen (Germany), to be sent from (then Freistadt) Danzig on the SAF Rundfahrt. I guess there may be even more convoluted creations out there?



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