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    Dear Alfred, and Klaus,

    Thank you for the insightful pieces you are showing us again. Food for thought!

    1. 4 ptas einschreiben Barcelona: I have a card to the same person in Hartha, see my article figure 57 (and Anhänge #1), but franked properly and without ‘Barcelona’. Note that is was written by the same person, mailed together in Sevilla and arrived together in Hartha.

    2. Bob FLINN/Santa Cruz: Such pieces are wonderful since they illustrate minor aspects of the whole enterprise. So, it was late for the 1st May steamer ‘Albert Ballin’ to Hamburg-Cuxhaven. I have no idea how the Sevilla mail was sent, I guess directly to Spain (Cadiz?), just like the mail to Rio. Meister would indeed have sent off mail later to Spain, knowing that it was late I guess, since that was not his fault, but Bob’s.

    The highest numbers Schier found are 30244, 30634, 30694, 30882, 30917, all sent on the Heimflug. His pictures are too small to really see details, but one of them is a ‘Klotzbach’ (nr. 30822) which must have been handed in together with my Klotzbach (nr. 30894) and sent to someone in Berlin. Also here 4 ptas paid. See my article figure 59 (and Anhänge #2). Bob’s letter joined them then.

    3. I guess this one is very rare: I thought this cachet was only supplied on pieces that started out from Friedrichshafen on 18th May or cancelled later on board. Must have been a bribe to the Bordpost official.

    I guess that when we would join our collections one day the picture would become more and more complete, almost at the level of individual collectors of 1930. Showing our pieces and writing about it is the best thing we can do for history. On the other hand, one gets the impression that ‘anything goes’ as you said yourself, and that there are like 100.000 different letters and cards. Do we have any idea how many were actually sent, and what percentage is left of that? I guess quite a high percentage, because virtually all have been in collections from day one on, and most still are, be it in different collections for the time being.

    Mit herzliche Grüße,


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