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    Dear Alfred & Klaus,

    As for Alfred’s question:

    Wie z.B. bei der Zwei-Etappen-Bordpostkarte von Miss Drummond-Hay, die mir bei der 28. e@auction bei Felzmann zu teuer wurde. Hast du sie mir etwa weggeschnappt??

    I fear that was me … I very much wanted to lay hands on the Bahia card (Los  20288) in order to illustrate the section in my article on the dropping there that we recently discussed. I decided to go online and live, and not take the risk to lose it by putting in a bid in advance that was too low. When I managed to get it I did not log off – which I should have – but decided to see what the Drummond card would do (Los 20296), which came minutes later, and which I had recognized earlier on thanks to the great story by Alfred on the Lieblingsbelege thread … Seeing the bidding go, and being in an over-optimistic mood thanks to my recent win of the Bahia item, I got carried away and threw in a maximum bid, assuming that it would not be enough anyway … but it did. I realized that it was me only 10 lots later, since it all went pretty fast.  I am very sorry … In the old days when we would have been in the same physical auction room we probably would have avoided bidding against each other. Some day later this century it will be on auction again, provided that there are still fools like ourselves collecting stamps. Assuming that stamps as such will disappear in a few years time anyway, philately will then be a branch of Archeology.

    In order to make up for this brutal act: if you both send me an email to: d.bakker AT uva.nl, I will send you a copy of the article I am completing on the SAF (in dutch), which will contain virtually all pieces I have collected, and which attempts to sketch a picture of how such a trip took place from the philatelic angle. The text will contain nothing new for you experts, I guess. I will, however, also need both of your full names in order to acknowledge what I learned on this Forum.

    Mit herzliche Grüße,


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