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    Dear Alfred and Klaus,

    Obviously, Alfred, I made the unforgivable mistake to not see that it were the February 1929 airmail stamps rather than the May 1930 ones … Of course, they are more or less look-alikes, but a collector of Spain should have seen it, especially after your warning, and that alone should be enough to ban me from the discussion for at least a year of intermediate study and shame. That said, it makes the piece of course even more special, since Correos accepted a series that had lost its validity for already over a year, so it is arguably unique.

    Interestingly, the Edifil specialized catalogue shows a letter with three of the stamps sent in May 1929, without remarks about being outside of the three days of validity 14 – 16 february 1929 (see Anhänge).

    Oval ‘Mit … befördert’: I think the card in Anhänge Afb 28a has gone off board in Sevilla, and the letter Afb 30a in Friedrichshafen. Those are the only ones that I have with that cachet.

    As for the running out of high values point: that seems to make sense, I will look for evidence, it may have been different at different places, of course, most of the pieces that I have and have seen do have the 1pts, 4pts and 10 pts, that normally would have had very modest use. I will give it a thought, to the extent that this means anything …

    Have a good weekend,