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    Hello Alfred,

    As for the language proposal you German me English: great. I hope that is acceptable for the rest of the community, since my German would stand in the way of a decent conversation, and indeed would make it the contribution of a second rate Onkel Lou or Rudy Carrell.

    That said: thank you again for the very informative answers. I am feeling more confident when writing down things in my article now, especially with respect to my idea of how this flight took place, in the first place the handling of all these different mail trajectories. Your two letters are great examples, and wonderful illustrations of more complex trajectories. mr. Hauck in Portand (Ore) was a very well informed collector, who must have been disappointed when he received the two letters back so late, but then probably understood that they were even more interesting than he initially would have expected. (obviously, these two make me jealous, in the same benign way … there must be literally hundreds of intriguing pieces of mail in this respect; how much more interesting is this than just filling an album with all the separate stamps 1, 2, 3,  …).

    By the way: it is of course not surprising that many names point to German ancestry on the US, Brazil and Argentina mail.

    I attach the Santa Cruz Abwurf karte that I possess: it looks quite genuine to me.

    I like the destination: a small Kurort in (todays) Poland.




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