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    Hallo Alfred,

    Excuses, again, for confusing names: I am new here …

    Thank you for your extensive answer to my question, that was very helpful and solved one of the several problems I have with the article that I am writing about the SAF 1930.  It is great that I found your site to learn more about this flight.

    As for the Barcelona stamp: that is correct. It was a compulsory 5 c for the Expo World Exhibition 1929-30 that took place in Sevilla and Barcelona (commemorated by the series Ed. 499-529 and 566-591). I think that was one of the reasons for the short stops of the LZ127 there in the first place.

    It is on all mail from Barcelona during that period.


    And as I said: it may be in my collection for the moment, but it will be in another one at some stage, I am renting it from the future generation, hoping that there will still be stamp collectors in the first place …