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    Hello Klaus,

    Thanks again for your speedy reaction (I will stop my attemps at German, since your(plural) English is much better than mein ärmer Deutsch). If you are old enough, it must remind you of the Dutch comedian Rudy Carrell, whom we parachuted into German Fernsehen when his days were over on our side …

    Great that you solved the Air Field problem; I learn a lot, and it prevents me from making stupid mistakes in the article that I am writing on the SAF for our Spanish journal. I guess my card then stayed in Brazil, but at one stage was in the possession (even expertized?) by Field. The card itself must have been produced by Tarré, I guess. Not really a disappointment: if returned it would have had a Spanish cancel I guess, so I think I will keep if for a while in my album, but, like all our possessions, we have them on loan from the next generation …

    My next problem is: has there been a dropping at Bahia on 24 May? It was intended, and there are pieces with a  Condor Air Bahia arrival cancel of 24th in the morning. However, Eckener (1949:178) says nothing about it, only that the weather was bad that night ( ‘während der ganzen Nacht … häufig prasselnde Regengüsse’’). I foiund a site (that you may know anyway) by Artur Knoth, who denies that such a dropping took place. What is your opinion? The Bahia pieces could have been flown by Condor to Bahia, but is would be remarkable if that would have been shortly after the LZ127 left from Recife for Rio.

    As indicated above, I am writing an article on the SAF, which contains most of the pieces that I have collected. It is much too long for this medium, but if you want I can send it (it is almost finished, only a few problems to solve, of which the airfield has been solved now) using WeTransfer to your email, then you will have an impression of the pieces I discuss (and the dutch might be accessible to some extent anyway, it is just derived from the same Old Germanic). I do not want to burden the ArGe website with a 20 Mb file.

    Thanks, again, all the best,