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    Hello Dik,

    I try to answer your question, althought my english is not good enough. Also I am not an expert for spanish Zeppelin mail, but I hope I can give you a hint to the right direction.

    You should try to get a recent Katalog for Zeppelin Mail. In both, Sieger and Michel, there is a note for the spanish mail for the Sevilla flight on April 1930:

    Spanish mail were not carried by Zeppelin.

    Some pieces of spanish mail got a note for the situation:

    “La expedicion por el dirigible “Graf Zeppelin” no se ha verificado. Administration de correros Sevilla.”

    So your theory is right, there were some problems with the post office in Sevilla, the mail was instead carried by airmail. The combination of spanish mail with Zeppelin transportation was later on the “Südamerikafahrt 1930” possible.

    I guess the easiest and fastest way for airmail from Spain to Germany in that time, was the way over Paris. So both variants, german Zeppelin mail (which went back to germany again) and spanish mail adressed to germany or nearby, got the “Paris Gare du Nord Avion” cancel.

    You are also right: Sevilla and Zeppelin is a nice combination !

    Hope that helps…

    Greetings  Klaus

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